On Saturday, March 28, we are doing another show at Witzend.
This time with a group that we are all fans of, SUGAR IN THE GOURD!
We met these talented women at the FAR-West Conference in 2012 and we have wanted to do a show with them since. Thanks to Lauri Reimer at Witzend this coming Saturday, March 28, 
2015, that is exactly what we get to do.We hope you can join us.
The show starts at 7:00 
Witzend is at
1717 Lincoln Blvd in Venice Ca 90291
Tickets are $10.00

This is one of those shows where it helps us if you tell them at the door that you came to see us.
Thank you again for sharing the music and fun with us.
John Z.

Some shots from the Coffee Coffee Gallery Backstage on last Saturday Night!

The GREAT Bettman & Halpin Join us on stage:
The Zippettes Fly out of their seats again.
Thank you all for making this such a great show!
See you in Santa Monica on the 28th.


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