Certainly one of the best debut albums I have heard for a long time. John's refreshing rendition of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" is a wonderful change from all the samey versions I've heard previously. In fact the whole album is refreshing in the treatment of the varied material. It carries you from the delights of hearing a steel band on "sailing away" and dreaming of the Caribbean to beautifully crafted love songs. This is an album which deserves a good amount of airplay and an investment in ownership.
Peter Bergg - A1Country

Number #1 Country Album "Roots Music Report"
Four Songs in the top 32 Roots Music Report Americana Country
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Full Circle


JOHN ZIPPERER/Full Circle:  

He looks country on the cover but he’s pure singer/songwriter with soaked up influences from the places he’s lived giving him a mix of Jimmy Buffett and southern blues in his kit bag.  A pleasant sort of chap, Zipperer makes laid back stuff on the whole with some detours into some bluesy moments that reminds you that life isn’t all a bowl of cherries.  He’s certainly a troubadour that goes well with a cool one and laid back times. 

– Chris Spector

Dear Peter, 

Nice surprise, this album by Zipperer :




Kind regards,

Holly Moors



John Zipperer - Full Circle


Zipperer is the guy in the jeans, and he's certainly not smooth country, but rather folk-country with bluegrass influences. It is nicely sung, also voiced, and all the great songs are written by Zipperer himself (and does a cover of Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl). The arrangements are great, they [the musicians] play great together and are not boring for a listener for even a second. Energetic, enthusiastic, and excellent lyrics too. Has the growth [potential] of a very large group. Zipperer incidentally comes from Calfornia.

Thank you to Ron Sarfaty for the translation from the Dutch

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