From the recording Full Circle

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An old time sounding folk-story song about a wilderness couple in the 1800's returning to the nearest town to say their vows in front of the preacher and how that trip ends in disaster.


The Ballad of Micah McDowde

There was blood on the saddle as he pulled her down
And all hope had passed as he yelled to the town
Bring me the Doctor the Preacher, Midwife
My woman and baby are losing their life

The Saints of the town came to answer his call
With one look the Doctor saw no hope at all
The midwife gave comfort the Doctor he spoke
Did you call the preacher last rights to invoke

Gripping her hand he let out a laugh
As cold and as dark as the bleat of a calf
The tears from his eyes smeared the blood on his hands
I'll tell you kind Doctor about my demands

Michael McDowde take me out of these woods
I don't ask for lace or fancier goods
I don't wish our child to be born into shame
You take me to town and you give us your name

We met in the outback no church folk were near
No dresses, no purfume or preacher to hear
Our vows of love so tender and true
But that's not the story that brings me to you

Our boy child was coming about to be born
My woman was stiff necked we've vows to be sworn
She wished to be married proper and proud
And name our first born Micah McDowde


The preacher came forward speaking aloud
The words that would make her name Jenny McDowde
Her eyes opened breafly her last breath she blew
The words came out Mr. you know that I do


She wished to be married proper and proud
and now she'll be barried with Micah McDowde