From the recording Full Circle

“We Walk Together” is a song written in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. I dedicate it now to the people of France.
We now share this horror and feel your pain. We do walk together and want you to know we are with you.
Brother’s and sisters in liberty. Vive la France!


WE WALK TOGETHER ! ! ! ! ! JohnZipperer
Some days are so dark I think I can’t stand
Some trials so deep no ladder at hand
in the face of injustice my blood runs cold
I reach out for something to have and to hold
Some can be cruel oh they can be mean
Blind to the suffering that others have seen
It’s there we will find and where we must go
Searching for those who still may not know (that)
We Walk Together ! ! ! We Are Our Home
We Don’t Have To Weather ! These Trials Alone
We’re Here For Each Other ! And So It Shall Be
I’ve No Higher Purpose ! ! Than Bringing You Peace
The struggle is hard it cuts to the bone
It’s easy to feel you’re out there alone
In strife we are tested and in life we must show
In finding each other it’s God we will know (that)
So do what you can! ! Give a brother a lift
A pat on the back!! ! Or your own special gift
A smile to a stranger! ! A hand to a friend
For these are the things! That count in the end