Foundation for Living Beauty @nd Annual Golf Classic

Angeles National Golf Club, 9401 Foothill Blvd. , Sunland, CA 91040

Golf Tournament Fund Raiser for: “The Foundation for Living Beauty empowers women at their lowest point in their lives to begin to have a ray of hope that there can be a future with brightness, joy & happiness.” - Patrice, a Living beauty

who we are: the overriding goal of the Foundation for Living beauty is to provide support and empowerment to women as they go through one of the biggest challenges in their lives. the Foundation for Living beauty has been providing overnight retreats, day retreats, educational seminars and sisterhood-building activities to our living beauties since 2005. our living beauties: Currently, more than 600 women struggling with cancer find support and resources at the Foundation for Living beauty, along with the understanding of many other women who have walked in their shoes. Most women facing a cancer diagnosis tend to isolate themselves or refuse to talk about the diagnosis in an effort to protect their loved ones. they continue to try to hold down jobs, mother their children, and maintain a household while enduring a grueling journey. in addition to these challenges, women experiencing cancer typically have significant financial issues which prevent them from seeking out opportunities for self-healing. your generosity: because all of our services provided are free of charge to our living beauties, this enables women, no matter what their financial situation, to receive the nurturing support they need to flourish during their cancer journey. our Living beauties feel the changes that take place in their lives when they are embraced and supported in their journey, and develop a sisterhood community that can support them on their path to healing. If you know a woman with cancer, or would like to support our programs, please visit our website at The Foundation for Living Beauty is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation.